Saturday, November 17, 2012


Okay, here is a short intro about me. I have been working with fibers for many, many years. Started out with knitting, crochet, spinning, making garments and so on. But the fiber bug definately attacked around 15 years ago when I discovered quilting. Traditional quilting  is not my favorite - never made a sampler - but I like to incorporate traditional blocks in my work. Most of the fabrics I use are my own hand dyed ones. I love to dye and use all kind of surface design techniques to it to give the fabric a bit more.
I have lots of ideas so I am never short of excuses to start a new quilt, but I love to have challenges to work with. That is one of the reasons that I am a member of several online challenge groups. Practically all these groups work with a set size and with quarterly/monthly themes. When I was brainstorming with Kelly we decided to set up this group a bit differently.


  1. Wil

    I have a sinking feeling that I am about to be lured into a new addiction!! Is there a rehab facility for art addicts?? lol

  2. We are lucky to have both you and Kelly leading us in this esciting endeavour. Love the fact that you hand-dye your fabrics. My DIL is quilt crazy and makes all her own Christmas presents.