Friday, March 7, 2014

Lines or circles

Lines or circles, that is the question. Originally my idea was to continue working with my theme of 2013 - lines - as I still have a couple ideas. But for one of my online groups Stitched I picked the theme circles. For this group we have to make 4 quilts per year. It is now early March and I have completed 7 and am working on number 8. Overachieving? Maybe <gr>. Or I could choose circles for this group as well? Or I could work with both lines as well as circles? At the moment I just don't know.
Any way here are pictures of the circle quilts I have created. There is one more which I cannot show you yet, as I will be helping Kelly on the Fire blog in August.


Overlapping Circles

Within the Circle

Circles never End

Life is like an Onion

Throwing Pebbles into the Pond