Saturday, August 10, 2013

I'm B A C K!!

I know...scary, right?

Anyway, here is where things stand as of today and my series for this year.

I'm totally reworking the concept for Pecans so I've nothing to show yet. BUT....

Since I no longer belong to SAQA...I'm moving that series here to Free Spirit as well.  This has been one long time in coming series.  Trying to find the best bits to accomplish what I want to end up with has been a challenge but now all the parts are here and we are "off to the races"

A bit of history - Several years ago, Wil was visiting and wanted to see the decorative manhole covers in Nicollet Mall, downtown Minneapolis.  OK....I had never even heard about them! But we found them. I had just done some work in lino printing and as soon as I saw these covers, I thought how cool they would be as lino prints. Found out who the artist is and she graciously gave me permission to use her work to translate it into lino prints for my own work.  Her name is Kate Burke. You can see the original manhole covers she created HERE.  They are all representative of something associated with Minnesota.

And here I am.....

This one is not completed as yet but I thought I would show you this stage in the process anyway. This one is entitled "The Hunter".  Wolves are a bit part of the ecology in Minnesota and I just happen to adore them. So I started with this one.
In a few days, I'll post the steps on how I got here to this point, but for today...this is where it is.

"The Hunter"

The concept is the manhole covers, cut out of the sidewalk where they reside. The final canvas will be larger (this is the only blank one I had handy - 18" X 18")

I'm so gratified to see it finally come together.  I'll catch you up and then keep you posted on the progress.  This "brick surrounded manhole cover" will be stitched onto canvas and then stretched onto the frame.

The next step is to decide what color/design/whatever to do the canvas so as to compliment but not distract from the cover.  I'm totally open to suggestions......HINT! HINT!