Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Here is my second-ever blog! Thanx to elves who are great helpers.

Well, I had 3 mostly uninterrupted days to "play" thanks to no meetings and lots of football on TV which my husband is addicted to, so I started a piece with my Jazz theme.

For the background, using 140 lb. cold-pressed paper , watercolors , a large brush and lots of water ,I used the wet- into -wet technique to get the surface covered .I tipped and turned the paper to get the paint "bleeding" and dripping. Then, while the paint was wet I used a couple of things to create some texture - salt, alchol, and some kids' alphabet stamps. I then looked  for some shapes to highlight with thicker paint and a small brush. At first I saw flowers but when I turned it upside down I saw a trumpet!

When all was dry, I collaged the image of a musician which I had printed on tissue paper, and then went back to the paintbox to touch it up  in a few places. I was OK with it for awhile but every time I looked at it something niggled at me. I added another image and even though I lost some of the textures and images on the background I liked the piece better.

So far it is untitled!

(In my computer file the picture is vertical!! )


  1. YEH!!!! You go girl! I really like the jazz piece and I enjoyed the story about how it changed from flowers to jazz! Don't ya just love that?!

    Great job, Mags! In no time you'll be a cyber guru!

  2. I love the effect of the dripping paint!