Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Wolf Saga

So here we go.....

I decided to post the progress of one particular manhole cover so you could see the process.

1) Took a photo of the manhole cover and printed it out

2) Made a line drawing of the manhole cover. 

3) Using carbon paper, I then trace the line drawing onto the print block. One difficult part of this process to me is deciding what parts to recede and what parts to stand out. You can see marks in the photo in step 2 where I was working on just that question.  Below is my third attempt and I think I've got it like I want it this time.

4) Then I begin carving out the bits I don't want to print.  I've just begun on the wolf so you can see the comparison.

There is a lot of work ahead. The carving takes a while. One reason is because one can only carve for so long at one sitting without having to run off to the chiropractor immediately!

So I'm on my way.  I'll keep you posted!!


  1. This is going to be just incredible Kelly. I am 'blown away' at the crafting and care and attention it takes to do this. Very exciting to see it develop. Thanks for showing us.

  2. That's a great theme, you've chosen. I'm looking forward to everything you're going to make with this theme!

  3. I don't know the exact meaning of manhole, but I assume you will be working within a circle? Its a lot of work carving such a stamp.

  4. A manhole cover is in translation 'een putdeksel'. In the centre of Minneapolis there are a number of these gorgeous ones.

  5. Kelly This is an awesome theme and you certainly have made a great start. Please don't fall into a manhole!! lol
    Perhaps a little bit of it will show up on an ATC!