Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hi! I'm Kelly

Great idea, Joss, the intro bit.  So, here goes.  (more will be posted in my bio shortly)

While I've enjoyed art all my life, after being rather rudely shot down by a teacher when I was in school, I quit even trying to "make" art.  So I came to this place at a later time in my life and I have found a "home".  I got started with textiles and that still makes up the major part of my work but I'm also a "junk junkie" and have little cubby boxes full of bits and things, found and rusted, etc.  These do find there way into my work more and more these days so things are tending to head in more of a mixed media direction lately..

I also love to try new and different things.  My motto:  "I wonder what would happen if....".  I'm a risk-taker by nature and that is very much a benefit with mixed media work. This is one of my most recent pieces. The title WAS Junk Junkie but since it is now being considered for an exhibit, I changed the name to Rust and Found.  I wove the rusted wire to hang the rusted bits on.  And the fabric is rusted and hand-dyed.

Now onto the upcoming year 2013.  I'm using this time as a means to complete a project started a couple of years ago that has been languishing for lack of motivation.  A few years ago I received permission from the original artist to use her work reinterpreted into my art style.  In downtown Minneapolis, we have 11 gorgeous manhole covers which she designed.  You can see all eleven of them at this link to her website:  http://katekburke.com/section/143737_Manhole_Covers.html

I am cutting the manhole covers into lino and then will be printing them onto fabric and working them then into textile on canvas wall hangings. I do have the fabric dyed and a couple covers cut in lino....and there is has ended so far. But now I'm accountable!!!  And excited to get it back in the works again.

So...that's me and my plan.  I'm looking forward to hearing from others!


  1. How interesting you are Kelly. I adore the manhole covers idea and can't wait to see how you get on with it. What an awesome task. I am impressed.

  2. By the way I also tried doing Art lessons about 6 years ago and was told by the teacher that my art was 'SHIT'. Yes he actually used that word!I went home crying and vowed never to pick up a paintbrush ever again. Wish I could meet him again now!