Friday, November 16, 2012

Hello Fellow Artists

This is my FIRST blog and I am very excited!! If this shows up on the Free-Spirit -Artist blog it is due to Wil's infinite patience and Kelly's nudging!

So I have 2 friends who get me hooked on all kinds of weird and wonderful  addictionsand since I'm just a girl who cain't say "NO" here I am on a blog!

I have always been a "crafty" lady and love doing things with my hands. I learned to knit when I was 8 and I still knit up a storm when the inspiration strikes. 15 friends have new scarves because I like the yarn! I have needlepointed- all my men have tallis bags ; quilted- new babies get alphabet quilts and little boys get cars - and anything else that piques my interest. When I retired from management training I joined a Senior Centre and took great classes. I played with polymer clay and made lovely jewelery using faux techniques and image transfer. I have been doing collages and then started watercolor painting. Lately I have been combining the techniques and I'll share this journey - and anything else that strikes me along the way.Oh - and did I mention that I'm addicted to ATCs???

So thanx to Kelly and Wil for this new adventure! I hope I haven't gone on too long....


  1. YIPEE!! I KNEW you couldn't resist an opportunity to play with us!! SOOOO glad to have you aboard!

  2. Love my knitting and crocheting too, also did tapestries and lots of crossstitch embroidery for years. But no polymer clay- I look forward to seeing how you combine different media.