Friday, January 10, 2014

Today is the day.....

Just stopped by the studio to finish up putting things together to take this evening for my art show opening.  SOOOOOOOOO nervous....and excited.  Thanks to all of you who have gone on this journey with me toward my 2014 goal of a solo show.  I'm finding it quite nerve-wracking.  I've been in shows before but only with a few pieces and a whole lot of other artists.  This is the first time it's just me.  Good news AND scary news. The success or not...all on me...

OK...gotta think about something else now.  Like what the heck to wear!!!  Still haven't decided.  Perhaps coveralls with paint all over them???? idea.  Can you tell I'm nervous????

I'm planning on taking the whole weekend OFF!!  No plans....just winging it. Probably catching up on some much missed sleep?

I'll report to you all next and everything!


  1. Whishing you a lot of succes!!

  2. This is sooo exciting- I am jumping up and down with glee. You go girl- and soon it will be time for our lovely pieces to be auctioned in New Zealand too.xx

  3. A solo show, how exciting. I wish you all the best.