Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Taking a New Path

OK...thanks for not writing me off lately.  Life has taken a whole unexpected turn that has taken some getting used to.  We are now keeping our 4 grandchildren full time (at least for the near future).  They are 6, 5, 5 (twins) and 11 months.  Yep...a handful to say the least. Fortunately, they are good kids.  But they are kids! Needless to say, long leisure days in my studio are a thing of the past. But thankfully, when the kids are at school the baby naps in the morning and afternoon. STUDIO TIME!!! Also thankfully, I have an amazing husband who knows I need studio time and helps out whenever he's home.  It has been a month now and I think we are just about settled into a routine (or what passes for one I guess)

But as all things work out for the best somehow, it gave me time to re-imagine my Pecan series.  Started in earnest this morning sorting the fabrics to make the textile bits for the first piece.  On my way I think...unless more curves are thrown into the mix (please no)

Here's my work island with the fabrics sorted. After auditioning them for the first bit, that strip is in the foreground of the photo.

Wish me luck!!  (oh and, all prayers and wonderful thoughts are appreciated!!!)  LOL!!


  1. How nice to reconnect! I do wish you all good things- and certainly strength ,stamina, a good sense of humor - and time for creativity. I am looking forward to seeing your re-imagined Pecan series - if only in small pieces at a time.

  2. Lovely colors. The back of your Island is how my whole studio looks :-)

  3. Do hope things pan out for you as you would hope. You have a busy routine, I hope your time in the studio helps keeps the balance of life for everyone. All the best to you all, young ones and older ones.

  4. Sending prayers your way for loving grandparents and the sweet children! I hope all goes well for you and life gets easier for you and the kids! That is a huge feat to take on!

    Hugs Giggles