Thursday, October 10, 2013

I've been experimenting with deconstructed (breakdown) screen printing with mixed results this year. The piece above called "Birch & Moons" was a good surprise.  One day I had extra dye so I printed on a scrap piece of torn and soda-ash soaked cotton canvas.  I had placed deli paper under the screen during the preparation phase and liked the looks.  I placed the dried deli paper over the center of the printed canvas and went "aha" -- a birch forest! Later I hand-beaded my version of birch trees and cut moon shapes from remaining deli paper scraps.  Today I covered and painted a piece of gator board 8" x 15" and glued on the fabric.  I think I'm done.
Last week I tried mono printing with thickened dye.  I spread the dye on a thin plastic cutting mat, laid fabric over the dye, then used a brayer.  The dye moved and morphed on the plastic, creating interesting bubbles and swirls.  I cut a few poppy pod outlines from cardboard and laid some on the dye before adding the fabric.  Had enough "OK" pieces to stitch together.  I free-motion stitched poppy pods over the printed outlines, machine quilted a random grid, and finished with piped binding. The piece which is about 10" x 12" truly is straight and square, but I have difficulty telling my camera that fact.


  1. I love the poppy piece the colours are so rich, I could look at it for ages. The goldy bits give it such a happy feel.

  2. The result of break down printing is always a surprise, but it is a great technique. Sorry that I am so late in responding, but I had missed the announcement of your post. Love both your pieces.

  3. I must learn to print fabric!! The effects are beautiful and the possibilities seem endless! My only drawback is the space required, I think.
    Lovely pieces!!