Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Member Introducing myself.

Wil has asked me to write a bit about myself so here goes:-

I live in Northern Ireland not very far from the capital city-  Belfast.

I have been involved with textiles since autumn 1985. I regard myself as both a Patchworker/Quilter and an Embroiderer. I belong to both of the Northern Ireland guilds. I have no experience of making traditional patchwork as I never wanted to follow someone else’s pattern and ideas.   I really enjoy free machine work.

Every year for 27 years I made a large wall hanging of world events, last years -2012 - is waiting for me to make the final panel. I have lost interest in them. There will be no more when it is finished. You can see them all on my website.  They have had solo showings when there were 10, 18, 19 and 26 of them.

I am happy to use any technique that fits my thinking. I prefer to work from an idea rather than working from a photo or image though of course I will use visuals to help my design ideas.

I freelance teach and give talks on my work.

I am a bit apprehensive about joining this group as it seems such a big commitment to say I will make 6 pieces within a year to the same theme. Although I have various themes that I have worked on the actual pieces are seldom made one after the other, they may well be years apart. However this will be a new challenge to me. 

I have selected the theme of weeds and while we have lovely sunny weather here I am furiously making prints to use in this series. 

I look forward to being part of this group.


  1. Good to have you here as well. For the people who do not know this, Irene is also a member of Sky-is-the-Limit.

  2. Hello from Rochester, MN! A dear friend here recently purchased a home in Donaghadee and is originally from Belfast. If we ever visit her in Ireland we'll be sure to look you up!

  3. Hi from London Eileen, and welcome- going to see your wall hangings right now.

  4. Wow wow wow they are truly amazing. I am in awe.

  5. Hi Irene!! You already know I LOVE your work! So happy to see you here as well. YEAH!!!

  6. Hello there Irene, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog because it led me back to you here. Now what a co-incidence. As soon as I read about your 27 quilts above, I remembered you at once from Quilters Guild meetings, etc. I remember your great and so original quilts so well. And am I remembering correctly or not ..... Did you also do a very funny stand-up comedy at least once at a meeting, or am I confusing you with someone else?
    It has made me so happy to read your post, I'll check out your annual quilts that I haven't seen, it's quite some years since I quilted.

    1. My goodness, thank you. Sitting on a ferry with a grin on my face, Re your comment above I did not intend to do a funny stand up comedy it just happened due to circumstances I was put in and the audience kindly responded.
      Just back from Festival of Quilts, last night and now sitting on a ferry going to Liverpool.