Friday, July 26, 2013


While I was with Kelly last month, we did not have just fun, but we were also very active. During those weeks I completed 2 pieces for my lines theme. In the previous post I have shown Ghostflowers and here is Zebra. Okay, the name is not very Original, I know :-). A couple of years ago I made another quilt based on a zebra. And that one focussed on a specific part of the animal. Click on this link to see a picture of it. For this quilt I used commercial black and red fabric and white silk noir. The pictures of the zebra's are printed on silk organza. Size of this one is 25"x41".


  1. Wat een werk zeg heel apart leuk dat je op mijn blog bent geweest ik heb mijn als volger gemeld lieve groetjes Danielle

  2. This is so very cool Wil! I am very envious of your skills...It seems that textiles as a mixed media is very expansive and wonderful work. I love the magic of zebras so this has great appeal! Wonderful. HeArtfully Yours, Samara