Monday, January 7, 2013

Pecans - Sapling - background

Today I got my muslin layer on my design wall and got the background laid out for the Sapling.  I know the center of the "sky" may look a bit monochromatic just now....but that is where the main part of the sapling branches/leaves will be so I'm not too worried.  Still working with the black "wedge" on the left of the "ground".  I keep moving it.  (The second layer of ground -left and center- is a piece of painted silk Maggie sent to me! Thanks, Mags!! Fits in perfectly dontcha think?)

Each Pecan piece will be mounted onto 24" square canvases with a 1.5" depth.  So I have my muslin marked to include plenty of fabric to wrap, turn under and staple in the back of the canvas frame.

Now I have to decide if I want to do raw edge applique or if I want to turn the edges under. it step one and I'm on my way!  Can't tell all of you how excited I am to get fabric on the design wall for this one.

Pecans - Sapling - background


  1. Knew you'd find a gorgeous use for the fabric!.Way to go!! Have lots of FUN - that's the name of thegame