Sunday, January 6, 2013

Red brick road

Another line quilt is finished!! If you follow my personal blog you have seen these pictures before :-). For this quilt I started with 126 black strips and 9 red strips. The black is a commercial fabric, the red a hand dyed one. They will be stitched on white raw silk.

Fabric for the back is this red one. No idea why I ever bought this, because the shiny top makes it very difficult to use in any project. That is the reason that I used the reverse side (at the right) as it looks much more decent.
The top turned out rather big, so instead of using my domestic Janome I used my HQ16 for the stitching. The strips were fused to the silk. I did not keep track of the time, but I spend a lot of hours working on it.
Recently I discovered a way of finishing the edges while not using a binding. This technique requires a bit more planning in advance, but it works out nicely. Important is that the quilting does not go over the planned dimensions! When all the quilting is finished, I placed the quilt like this on my working tables and used a black marker to draw the size on the fabric. The size is roughly 28"x48". Next step is to carefully cut away the back fabric and the batting.

The white fabric which is sticking out is then folding as a seam to the back of the quilt and stitched. And this is how the end result looks like:
Inspiration for the title came from Dorothy's Yellow brick road. This 2nd lines quilt is completely different from the first one and the idea for a 3rd - again different - one is brewing :-)).


  1. Gosh, you do work hard, Wil!
    I haven't even started on my theme!
    Lovely fragile lines. Your binding
    looks easier then the ones I know.

  2. LOVE the way this turned out!! You and "Lines" seem to have a great working relationship!

  3. WOW!! I admire your endless patience. Wil!! The result is quite spectacular.