Monday, December 30, 2013

One more poppy

One more poppy piece before the year ends.  I did an experiment with thickened dye spread on a plastic mat and pressed fabric over the surface.  The dye bubbles and moves so it's very upredictable (but fun).  I used some cardboard poppy shapes as a resist.  The left side is a piece of shibori with the same dyes; I used clothespins as my resist.  Poppies are free motion stitched and I heavily machine quilted the background  It's small, only 12" x 12".  Happy New Year Everyone!  Hope I can remember my password..... Wil, can you help???


  1. The poppies themselves turned out wonderful! I think the horizontal quilting helps balance the very vertical tendency otherwise. Great balance!

  2. I really like this piece, everything about it seems so right.

  3. Lovely! But I admit I am partial to poppies :-)