Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Broken Lines

My 6th quilt for this year's theme is completed. It is called Broken Lines and here are the pictures of it:

I stitched the quilted parts onto a painted canvas. All fabrics used are my hand dyed ones. The size of the canvas is 16"x20".
I have been thinking if I want to continue with this theme in 2014 or if I should choose a new one. Have not yet made up my mind. What are you doing? Continue or pick a new theme?


  1. I love the intense red with the greens.

  2. The brilliant red stands out magnificently with the "greens". Then upon closer look I see that the background fabrics aren't really all green after all. Interesting trick that plays on the eye! And the quilting you chose works quite well and repeats the flow of the lines only in the opposite direction! Well done!!

  3. Thanks! All those swaps come in handy now and then :-)