Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Silent water

Late 2010 I made a journal quilt using stitched lines and paint. The fabric was folded and stitched like that, next step was to paint the fabric, let it dry and remove the stitched lines. This is how the journal quilt looked when it was finished:
 I really loved this technique and wanted to do it again on a bigger scale. So I picked a half yard of fabric which I had dyed. Don't ask me which color I used because this was somewhere in 2011. Stitching all those lines was so boring that regularly it was put away to do something more interesting :-). After many months the stitching was finally done (July 2012) and this is a detail picture of how the back looked like:
 And this is how it looked from the front:
Finally it was time to play. I pinned the fabric on top of a foam board and opened several Lumiere paint bottles, shimmering pearl, blue, turquoise and a bit of pale green. This is how it looked after the painting:
And now the fun part, removing all the stitches and ironing it. At last you could see how it was going to look: 
Time to start quilting. As the main focus of this top was lines (and this was months before I decided to work with this theme) the quilting lines just followed the painted lines. Interesting, but it needed a bit more. I decided on adding turquoise beads on it. But before I could add these, the quilt had to be blocked and sleeve added as well. I did not want a traditional border around it, but decided to do a facing. This made the quilt a bit narrower, but that was okay. When this was done I ordered several different types of turquoise beads - and of course did not use all the different ones - and this is how it looks now:
From beginning to end it almost took 2 years to complete it, but I am happy with it. The title Silent Water refers to the reflection you see on water, not knowing that the falling beads will disrupt the silence quite soon.
This quilt is the first one in my series of Lines. Size is 17"x37".


  1. It's a beautiful quilt! Nice to know the story behind it.

  2. What a wonderful beginning to your LINES series!! I so love the way it ended up. Absolutely gorgeous!!

  3. It is fabulous! I am really impressed by your creativity AND your patience. I was standing in the wrong line when patience was given out. I have to start and finish something before I go on to the next project, which is why I will never paint the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel!lol Kudos to you, Wil, and looking forward to sharing your "Lines" journey.

  4. It's shibori, isn't it? Lovely!

    1. No it is not shibori. With shibori you wrap fabric around a pole, press it down and apply dye on it.

  5. I enjoyed reading all about this and seeing the end result. And the colours just 'sing'.