Saturday, December 14, 2013

Poppy Assemblage

Hello All,

I am puzzled about what to do next with this piece; it's a complicated one created with DSP (same batch of dye as Birch & Moons).  Using cardboard cutout poppies, I printed on two pieces of white silk which then were fused to the hand-dyed background piece.  Then --- an experiment!

I've been laser printing onto gampi (rice paper) for collage and decided to try adhering a small piece with matte acrylic medium on a sample of fabric.  It worked, so I printed the cluster of poppies (lower left), ripped off the excess paper, and adhered it with the matte medium over one printed silk section. Gampi becomes more transparent when it dries.  This has been pinned on my bulletin board for a couple months because I'm not sure where to go next with it and haven't been back in my studio since mid-Nov.  Might put it away for a while and when I re-discover it maybe the light bulb will go on.


  1. Francie, I love the very organic feel of this piece. The poppies turned out GREAT. The color is well balanced and very warm. (I have a piece of breakdown printed fabric in these colors and it has been one of my favorites - very versitile!) I just know that when you return to it (hopefully soon!) you will have a head bursting with ideas for the rest of the piece. Not sure it needs much.

  2. Never heard of gampi, but I love the effect it gives. Sometimes a piece needs its time before it is done. Guess this is one of them. Just give it time and it will mature in something you are proud of.

  3. I love the poppy seed heads on the LHS It is so interesting to read the processes you use to create your pieces.