Wednesday, November 6, 2013

One Down...seemingly a gazillion to go!

It's DONE!!  The first piece in the Pecan series!!!

And now for the unveiling......

Pecan Series
The Sapling

There are 5 more in the Pecan Series to be completed. I think the first one is the most difficult. All the concepts and supplies for the others are here...just need to put them on canvas.


  1. Looking great! Is this one of the pieces for your solo show?

  2. Kelly, can you tell us more about this process? It's so interesting and I'd like to learn more.

  3. The textile parts are backed with batting and the edges turned under. Then I stitch them onto the canvas with a blanket stitch. Then I paint...trying to blend the fabrics into the paint colors. The leaves are screen printed. There are two pieces of wool yarn from my nieces company. And the small rocks are glued on with E6000. I think that is about it.

  4. Just realized I hadn't answered your question, Wil!! Sorry. But yes, this is the first of the series which will be part of my solo show in January.