Thursday, November 22, 2012

My theme

Ummm this is tricky for me as I love doing both my African art

 as well as my wierd and wonderful faces.

Will think along these two themes some more and finally decide and let you know. Maybe it will be 'African Faces' Haha.


  1. such amazingly vibrant work....have fun:)

  2. Of course you can combine those 2 themes :-)

  3. LOL!! That is just what I was thinking as I was reading your post!! "Weird and Wonderful African Faces"! It will be interesting to see where you end up on this one.

  4. Two loves of mine as well - African art and interesting faces!My husband took many pictures of African people in native garb on a recent trip to Kenya - most of them focusing on faces. Can't wait to share your art!